Friday, April 08, 2005

Rock show

cliff suiseki rose suiseki ripple suiseki concretion suiseki island suiseki

I uploaded to Flickr some of my nicer zen rocks, or suiseki. Suiseki (literally "water rocks") are also known as scholar stones or viewing stones. Rather than sculpting the stone, its natural beauty is displayed and highlighted. Nature is, after all, the ultimate artist. Ideally, the stone should resemble a larger part of nature in miniature. That's why suiseki are often associated with bonsai. Traditionally, suiseki sit upon painstakingly carved wooden stands called diaza. I have neither the patience nor the competence to create nice stands for my rocks. For that reason, and the relatively poor viewing quality of the stones, I refer to my rocks as suiseki lite.

If you'd like to see what good suiseki stones look like, here are some real suiseki sites.


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