Thursday, March 31, 2005

Guess what?

Pot leads to sarcastic comments!

A research experiment 30 years ago tried to prove the conventional wisdom that cannabis smokers are more mellow. Half of the study group smoked real pot; the other half smoked placebos.* The study showed what everyone who's hung around a college dorm knows--pot smokers are generally less hostile and aggressive. ("Dude, don't bogart that" vs "I'm gonna kill someone if I don't have a fucking cigarette RIGHT NOW!")

However, the study revealed one unexpected result:

"Marijuana produced a small but statistically significant increase in sarcastic communications."

No! Pot smokers are sarcastic? Really?

*which begs the question: how do you make placebo pot? wouldn't the subject notice that they weren't getting buzzed and the jig would be, as they say, up?


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