Thursday, July 07, 2005

Casting call

Frequently, I'm subjected to seemingly interminable meetings, and oftentimes my role on the stage is limited to but a few lines. Think the gravedigger in Hamlet. When that happens, and I find myself losing consciousness in the face of jabbering developers, I like to play a little game I call Casting Call. Pretending that this meeting is a movie (albeit the worst movie ever made), I try to decide what actors what play each person around the table. Here's who I came up with today:

--Colin Farrell, with a wispy goatee.
--Richard Dysart
--Sam Shepard, with a lazy eye.
--Gordon Clapp, with a moustache.
--Christine Baranski
--Nicholas Lea
--Doris Roberts
--Daniel Stern
--Brad Pitt, in Oceans 11 mode.
--Anthony LaPaglia
--Vladimir Putin. While not technically an actor, he does have an IMDB entry, so I figure he counts.

Keep in mind that every single one of these actors--even the ugly ones--are far more attractive than the actual people they're portraying in my imagination.


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