Saturday, June 11, 2005

How to make men shop for clothes with you

We were wandering around Kohl's this afternoon (big dept store for those not familiar). As we passed through the women's clothing dept, I saw a despondant-looking man standing outside the changing rooms, holding an armful of women's clothes. Obviously this was a husband, dragged along as a clothes hanger, his manhood reduced to less than that of a mannequin. It was then that I realized what large department stores like Kohl's can do to make husbands look forward to the clothes-shopping experience. Every department store should set up a minibar in the women's clothing department, preferably just outside the changing rooms, or among the lingerie. There should be a leather sofa. And a television that only receives ESPN, Speedvision, and Spike. Heck, men would be begging their wives to take them clothes shopping!

As it was, Kohl's did have the foresight to put the Star Wars toys just across the aisle, so I suppose it's a start.


Blogger efatima said...

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Blogger efatima said...

am sure my husband would love this idea. however, he is the most patient, amazing and loving person on this planet always takin me shopping even without all the perks. ;)

1:08 AM  

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