Monday, August 30, 2004


This is cool. Cory Doctrow (of bOINGbOING fame) has posted a bunch of his travel pics to I very well may have to get myself an account there. (Task #2: purchase a digital camera.)

"Flicker", incidentally, was the working title of a novel I abandoned. It took place within a movie theater over the course of a three-day movie marathon, and followed the interactions of a population of characters who had never met before as they dealt with confinement and sleep deprivation. Um, it wasn't as much like "The Real World" as it sounds. Besides, I abandoned the project 5k words in because I realized that it was incurably boring. Maybe someday I'll return to it if I come up with an actual plot.

Ok, I set up my own account. The free account allows only 10mb of uploads per month, and I'm disappointed to see that even if you delete photos you've uploaded, the monthly quota used remains the same. I guess they're counting bandwidth and not storage.


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