Tuesday, August 24, 2004

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--It's always intriguing to hear an actual reasoned, thought-out explanation of why a person chose a particular candidate to vote for. Usually, people choose a candidate based on long-held and sometimes quite rabid loyalty to a particular party. Political consultant Dick Morris, an independant who orchestrated Bill Clinton's re-election campaign, explained why he is backing George Bush for re-election during a speech before the Commonwealth Club of California. (You'll need RealPlayer or a reasonable facsimile.)

--At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can listen to incorrigable liberal Jim Hightower lambast the Bush administration before the City Club of Cleveland.

--You need this!The Rasterbatortakes a small image and turns it into a huge image. You can adjust the size of the image, its orientation, etc. The Rastorbator even works in color. The result is given to you as a PDF which you can print, then assemble the individual pages to create your wall-sized mural.

--You need this, too!Fontbrowser is a Java-based applet that reads the installed fonts on your PC or Mac and lets you scroll down the list and view an example of each typeface. A must for font-junkies.

--Our friends at the Library of Congress have done the world the immense favor of making Lewis Carroll's scrapbook available online. Props to bOINGbOING

--Also courtesy of bOINGbOING is this Japanese production of Arice[sic] in Wonderland. Kind of creepy, but love those costumes!

--Explorers in Croatia have discovered the world's deepest hole. From the article: "The cave, in Croatia's mountainous Velebit region, has a steady, weaving descent of 203 feet before it takes a direct vertical plunge of 1,693 feet through the ground..." One wonders how many skeletons of unfortunate animals and humans lie at the bottom of that pit. Death by misadventure, indeed. However, we at Oliver Towers question the hole's title of world's deepest: would that honor not go to the miles-deep chasm that is the Marianas Trench? Or by "hole", do they mean those filled only with air?

--Pictures of pretty cars all in a row.


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