Monday, October 18, 2004

Other Christians Sometimes Make Me Angry

I was reading an article in the 10/18/04 issue of Newsweek. The article title is At Home In Two Worlds. It is about kids of gay parents. In the article, one girl
"...organized a day of silence at her school to mark the deaths of people to homophobic violence. A dozen or so kids from a church group surrounded her and her friends, chanting 'It's not OK! It's not OK!'."

The other day, one of my coworkers, who makes it known she is a Christian, states she thinks all people who practice gay behaviors are disgusting and are going to hell.

My problem with both of these statements/actions is according to the Bible I read, you are not to judge because only God has that right. A Christian is to be loving and respectful of others. I doubt any of the Christians, in the above examples, prayed for forgiveness. I'm not perfect. I would hope my fellow Christians would be respectful, forgiving and supportive. I would hope my fellow Christians would offer love rather than hate, inappropriate anger and ridicule. However, these examples are just a few of the disrespectful, hateful, ridiculing and intolerant Christian voices I've heard recently.

I'm almost embarrassed to say I am a Christian lately for fear someone will think I'm intolerant, full of inappropriate anger, hateful or so perfect I am above judgement or change. I'm angry someone taught their kids to think it's ok to make others feel bad about themselves. I'm angry my gay friends have to put up with people's inappropriate behavior. It makes me want to cry and hug them until all the horrible things done to them, in the supposed name of Christianity, fade from memory.



Anonymous Sean said...

Arial, you are right, Christians should not go around making people feel bad, and we must pray for all sinners, but in the Bible, it does not say only God can judge, it says the Holy Spirit can judge, and if one is a Christian, they have the Knowledge of the holy spirit, and therefore, through a Christian, the Holy spirit can judge from the voice of a Christian.
And Arial, you sound versed in the Bible, but you do know in a number of places it says homosexuality is a sin, and is disgusting in the eyes of God, every sin disgusts God, and should disgust a Christian as well, if they are truly a Christian.

10:16 AM  

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