Sunday, September 05, 2004

Pentagon 9/11

My first post here, and I'm determined to get Oliver on the "Watch List". As if he wasn't already there. This video was interesting very much because I can recall watching the coverage all that morning and thinking some of the same things this brings up: Where is the debris? Shouldn't you be able so see something? Shouldn't there be MORE?

I thought that I just didn't know enough about that kind of thing to know any better, but if there were others who DO know more about these things who thought the same, maybe I wasn't so far off.


Blogger Oliver said...

Their theory raises many questions--chief among them: if the Pentagon was not struck by Flight 77, then where is Flight 77? And if it was indeed a missile, where did a missile of that size come from without its launch or flight being noticed? A missile of that size would require a considerable launching mechanism, not easy to conceal.

Having said that, these folks have offered one of the more solidly-constructed arguments I've seen on this theory.

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